Dr. Christopher’s Cold Sheet Treatment


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Take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to receive Dr. Christopher’s cold sheet therapy protocol. The therapy will be given by 2 certified professionals on our staff, a master herbalist and a registered nurse/detox specialist. This therapy involves a skin cleansing and enema (optional) followed by a long hot bath with special herbal teas. Following this, you are wrapped in a freezing, wet, organic cotton sheet and sent to bed for the night. The body naturally induces a controlled fever and you sleep soundly. Waking in the morning, you may see the sheet stained with various colors; the heavy metals and other toxins that were detoxed through your skin in the night. You will be supervised throughout the entire process, even during the night, and you will come out of it feeling like a new person. This therapy will take place during the second week of the festival, on January 25th, 2021. Only 6 spots available so reserve your place soon. To take part in this you must also purchase the “second week” ticket.