The Amazon Fruit Festival will be held at Terra Frutis permaculture farm and raw vegan community, located just off the Rio Zamora river in southeast Ecuador.

There is a large community center to eat, socialize, and partake in various group activities.  Nearby is our raw kitchen, dining hall, and showers. Internet access is available in the dining hall. We use dry composting toilets in our outhouses which are located throughout the farm for your convenience.

For sleeping there are small bungalows that have screens, bug nets, bedding and mattresses, as well as a personal items locker for small items such as camera, passport, wallet, etc. You can set up your tent on our prepared campsites under our awning if you purchase a camping ticket. Personal lockers will be available for campers as well, on the side of the dining hall.

Located in the foothills of the Andes, we are above the Amazon basin, so you will enjoy a climate that is not as hot or humid as the deep Amazon, but not as cool as the high Andes. Expect daytime temps around 25-30C (80-90F) and nighttime temps of 18-20C (65-72F.) Mosquitoes are rare but gnats are sometimes common during certain times of day and they prefer to bite ankles and wrists. Expect to wear long sleeves in early morning and evening (the temperature is comfortable for this.)

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