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Main Event

January 17-23rd, 2025

Come join us in January for a week (or two) of delicious fruit and fun activities at the 7th annual Amazon Fruit Festival!

Here you can pick your preferred ticket option for the main festival which is held January 17-23, 2025. Prices include all festival activities & workshops, all-you-can-eat tropical fruit, fruit juices, salad bar, showers, hot tub, and accommodation.

We offer monthly payment plans. Email us for details!

You can optionally pick exciting add-ons below to accompany each ticket.

Be there or be a pear!


Children 6 – 12: 30% Off Tickets

(Must present proof of age)

If you have kids between the ages of 6-12, choose the “kid type” for their tickets on the ticket page. After you complete the ticket order for your child please email us a scan of passport / birth cert / etc proving your child’s age to

Children 5 and under: Free

(Must present proof of age)

If your children are 5 and under you don’t need to buy a ticket, but you do need to notify us in an email to

Camping Ticket

Set up your tent in one of our campsites. The group campsite will have about 10 tents, with a large awning covering all of them. Campers have access to bathrooms, showers, and a personal items locker for safe storage of passport/wallet/etc.

Bungalow Ticket

Enjoy a private room in one of our multi-room bungalows, each fitted with a comfortable mattress and sheets, screens on the windows and a gnat proof net over the bed. We will assign you to a 2-room or 8-room shared bungalow. Space is limited so reserve soon.

Couple’s Shared Bungalow Ticket

An option for couples who want to share a private room in one of our 2-room bungalows, each fitted with a comfortable mattress, sheets and mosquito nets on the windows. If you are a couple, purchase two of these tickets.

Couple’s Private Bungalow Ticket

Get a bungalow all to yourself and your companion, fitted with a comfortable mattress, sheets, screens on the windows and a mosquito net for the bed. Spots for this option are limited so reserve while you can. Couples should purchase two of these tickets.


3-day Coconut Water Fast

January 14-16

Cleanse your body with pure coconut water. Enjoy yoga, meditation, massage, and other calming activities.

3-day Holotropic Breathing Workshop

January 14-16

Experience an intensive 3-day series of breathing workshops. A qualified instructor will teach basic breathwork, holotropic breathing, and various Wim Hof techniques.

Second Week

January 24 – 30

Hang out with us for another week and experience life at Terra Frutis! Food included, and plenty of fun events.


Enjoy a 1 hour massage with one of our experienced massage therapists, in our beautiful and secluded Palm House. You will be able to choose your preferred therapist depending on their style. You can purchase as many massage sessions as you like.


Enjoy a 40 minute acupuncture treatment with our experienced acupuncturist Nikolaos, in our beautiful and secluded Palm House. Your treatment will be tailored to your needs, either using the Chinese or Japanese style of acupuncture. You can purchase as many acupuncture sessions as you like.

Rent a Tent

Don’t want to bring a tent, or don’t have your own, but still want to take advantage of our lower tentsite rates? No problem, rent a tent from us for the duration of the festival.

Cacao Ceremony

January 24th

Enjoy a cacao ceremony on January 24th, a day after the festival ends. You can purchase this option during the festival if you wish. Simply notify us anytime during the festival that you'd like to sign up for the cacao ceremony, and you can add it on and pay at that time.

Refund Policy

To view our policy on refunds, please see our Terms and Conditions.

For further questions or suggestions you may have, don’t hesitate to contact us through the contact form below.